Monona Terrace

Commercial, Community, Governmental, New Construction, Public - 1995-2018

About The Project

This lakefront project is the realization of a design first proposed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1938 for the City of Madison. As the project manager, Isthmus principal Peter Rott, then with Taliesin Architects, headed up a joint venture team that provided all design services. Rott’s follow-up responsibilities included the rooftop fountain and the skywalk/elevator addition that connects the center to the adjacent hotel. 1995 Project cost: $75,000,000. Monona Terrace Community ConventionĀ CenterĀ is a LEED certified facility, the first convention center in the country to gain LEED certification.

The City has retained Isthmus Architecture to maintain their LEED status by overseeing $5,000,000 in subsequent projects including:

  • Special Event Decorations
  • Roof Garden Furnishings
  • Signature Carpet Upgrade
  • Interior Renovations
  • Marquee Replacement
  • Guest Services Upgrade
  • Olin Terrace Hardscape Rehabilitation