Wisconsin State Capitol

Forensic Assessment, Governmental, Historic Structure Report, Preservation Planning, State Capitol - 1998-2018

About The Project

Restoration and Rehabilitation of the Wisconsin State Capitol represented a comprehensive effort that extended from preliminary research and programming through construction activities. Intensive survey, documentation and research were key components of the planning and execution of this project, which included the restoration of public spaces, rehabilitation of private office and support space and the integration of new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and telecommunications systems. Initially the preservation was completed by a joint venture between Isthmus Architecture and Kahler Slater.



  • Restoration and Rehabilitation of the South Wing  1995-1998
  • Restoration and Rehabilitation of the Rotunda  1997-1998
  • National Historic Landmark Nomination  1999-2000
  • Southeast Grand Stair  1999-2001
  • Archives Project  2000
  • Restoration and Rehabilitation of the East Wing  1998-2002
  • Wisconsin State Capitol Historic Structure Report – Multiple Volumes  2000-2004
  • Performance Based Design / Fire Modeling Analysis  2004
  • Dome Moisture Study  2005-2006
  • ADA Upgrades to North Wing Restrooms  2011
  • Dome Moisture Plaster Repair  2014-2015
  • Assembly Chambers Ceiling Restoration 2017-2018